Download Gratis Font Ceebo


Ceebo is a friendly sans-serif, which show some aspects of a humanist and grotesque typeface. It retained more details of writing and got some forms and characteristics of an italic.

The font contains some alternative glyphs. It also contains some ligatures and discretionary ligatures. In addition, there are adjusted figures and additional character for uppercase letters, lowercase letters and small caps, which react by OpenType-Feature.

The font was designed to stay legible also in small sizes: beside as possible open counters, a tall x-high, distinct vents and cuts, it especially are the details of the glyphs which make it discernable. The regular weight is slightly thinner than other sans-serif fonts, moreover the diacritics and small glyphs were designed for small sizes by taller and more open forms.

The resulting ?ruggedness? is mellowed by half-rounded stems and pointed stem ends.


Download Gratis Font Ceebo

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